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  1. no it means you can spoof your pc hardware ID so when you buy a new account that isn't banned, that account doesn't get hit with a ban because your pc hardware is flagged.
  2. This is crazy. Even the other providers want to be you guys lmao
  3. There is literally no way anyone would be able to answer this question unless they have future seeing sight. We won't know for sure until it's out in the user base and being used. People only assume the worse because it's notoriously known that public battleye cheats have short up times because of detection and/or reworks. The only difference here is customer security is something that Chod's seems to actively take serious, which is something other providers rarely consider as long as they can get the software up and running again to make more money. Realistically, the up times and
  4. People will always rage hack when they have access to the tools. With the amount of people asking every day when the eft program will be done and how many are waiting for it to re-release, I'll definitely be curious about how long it will go undetected when it does. There is definitely some anxiety about that.
  5. things aren't looking good for any provider with public EFT cheats at the moment. If anyone can do it I hope it's Chod's. Thanks for another update.
  6. I'm not sure what much more everyone is looking for information wise considering the cheat development. If Chod's is your only experience with any public cheat provider consider yourself lucky and stick with it. They've already been kind enough to share some information with us, and when they do share info they're very smart about it. Other's are not so considerate. These people take their cheat security seriously, which is why I think they know what they're doing.
  7. Nice work everyone. Glad to see ppl having fun with your product again.
  8. Hi again Faceless. Thank you again for another giveaway. EFT. GL everyone.
  9. Very nice Faceless. You guys are too generous around here. I guess EFT 😭