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  1. Please note I do have a ban on rust!
  2. Want to sell my eod account don't play anymore. Looking to get 85 usd. Will use middle man as long as you pay the fees.
  3. sakers

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    Transferring would probably be the better safer solution! As of right now i'm pretty sure they don't HWID. But I have never been banned. I only use esp and no recoil and aim bot SOMETIMES! But just know your always subject to be banned. No matter how safe you use the cheese.
  4. sakers

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    Also if the cheese goes down through the week its usually up same day. If it goes down late Friday you might as well just wait for Monday dev does not work weekends.
  5. sakers

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    You type in what loot you want. The loot has to be on the map before it will show in filter. It will only show what item you have selected.