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  1. Game: Insurgency: Sandstorm Engine: Unreal engine Reason: it's still a relatively popular game with little to no cheats for it on the market, just looking on forums for a few minutes you can see there is very good demand for cheat but no offering.. Chod would be amazing on this game, I would definitely go back to playing it if there was a good cheat for it.
  2. Im not a coder but this is pretty cool to read, im getting depressed by waiting for EFT though...
  3. karirinkute

    Welcome to the DevBlog!

    This is great, thanks.
  4. I cant tell you how excited i am to get access to EFT soon... great work CHOD and team and also admins, thanks for the hard work, it will be rewarded by love and our $$$
  5. Great job CHOD other staff and admins.. you guys are da real MPV's... i cannot wait to get my hands on that EFT. Thank you
  6. I bought a month of membership for EFT right after it went down, i was hoping it would come back before my month runs out. Do i get that entire month back when cheat comes back on?
  7. Does beta mean limited access for limited amount of users or limited features?
  8. great review, been using the EFT for about 4 months, its great and works PERFECT, updates are fast and clean. For me the aimbot is not a problem, works great most of the times, sometimes i dont even use it. ESP has amazing features but could use to improvement, its weird that it doesn't work well when you zoom in on scoops, but its not a hassle or anything, you can see the target anyway.