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Yes many users have received untrusted. Many of the following reason: Raging, an ungodly strong aimbot that isn't even realistically possible. Using untrusted features such as bhopping (consecutive jumps in a row); Fly hack (when it was possible); Seed Trigger (there are ways around it); PCS (depend on the strength of it); SCS (when we did have it.).

Anything above is what caused it, there are probably others, but the main one is a ungodly aimbot. If you don't want to get an untrusted, keep misc.smac 1 and keep a low LoV with a slow aimspeed. Don't bother with triggerbot as those who use it don't use it properly; and learning how to use it properly takes a lot of game sense and knowing when to use it.

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the cause is that you get reported a lot (if cheating blatantly) and overwatchers will vote on you after they watch your game video. if they find you blatantly cheating they will vote that you're cheating and then you get untrusted :)

This is not correct!

Untrusted is using features that are serverside detected and has nothing to do with the Overwatch system and reports ingame.

Think about this as the SMAC system running serverside on public servers, it checks for inhuman reaction and changes in the cmdvieuwangles.

These changes/features if not configured well can result in Untrusted.

There are certain valid ranges that needs to be upheld, if not it will result in a Untrusted ban and/or errors ( bugs )

command_number => Required for seed triggerbot / noshake nospread. Will get you untrusted in many cases.

random_seed => Not sure, but this is derived from ucmd->command_number and either the server throws out your changes or will ban you for it.

buttons => Perfectly safe to modify, be careful with some patterns such as perfectly alternating IN_ATTACK (for rapidfire) or IN_JUMP as soon as you hit the ground (bhop). Try to make your modifications 'human-like' (no pressing buttons for exactly one tick).

viewangles => These can be detected unless u stay within for example -89<=x<=89, -180<y<=180, z = 0. VectorAngles outputs 0<=y<360 and needs to be corrected. No upside down view, anti aim etc (requires x outside its valid range).

forwardmove => This is for speedhack or example, you can modify these changes altough going to fast results in a clip back and in MM it causes untrusted ( patched )

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