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  1. I've been a long time user of CC and never had issues with paypal. I repurchased like 2 days ago, right away it got activated.
  2. Used to be a Premium member here but I bought couple of skins from him before. He is trustable.
  3. Scam alert! This type of thing is being done a lot on the community. Friends inventory blah blah blah
  4. Steam profile, Screenshots and proof that you're the owner
  5. Interested in M9. Sending PM.
  6. Got what I want, can be locked oh btw shut up nerd
  7. Hey guys, Looking to buy some skins i.e. Asiimov awp/m4 but %80 of the market. If I buy a most of the skins from you, I am expecting a good deal/discount from you Also just from VIP members and who has vouchers. Shoot me a PM.
  8. You are going to get rich because of me Darren
  9. I vouch for him. Very nice guy. Will do business again with him for sure.
  10. I vouch for him completely. Bought like 3-4 accounts from him on old cc website. Very nice guy and he does his work fast
  11. great guy, I vouch for him completely! Will do business again for sure!
  12. welcome to the community, enjoy your stay
  13. Yeah I feel ya man but its the end of the month n we got bills to pay so ran out of money let me know if u didnt sell it by then ill buy it
  14. I will give you 50$ for m4 n awp asiimov. If you agree, we can do the transaction at the beginning of the month since I will have money that time
  15. stop it youuuuu ... I was about to msg u from steam n curse the f... out of u man Brace yourselves TROLL Zher is here!
  16. wazzuuuuuuppppppppp, enjoy your stay
  17. aliveli123


    Welcome to the community. Enjoy your stay.
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