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[2x LOW 4 Digits ] with CS series - cheap


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Do you have an offers on #2 account?

I had some offers yes, but it has not been sold yet!

So im open for any kind of offers and also willing to make a nice price for both at once.

It has a OW ban on GO, but there has been NEVER been played on cs/css and also not used in any league!

So this is a nice deal for cs/css or other game players :)

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Nrem would be nice to know the dates that they expire.

They where converted some updates ago from days left to no countdown anymore.

So it will be less then 220 days or none at all! But it will never show on profile and the 4 digit is still fully usable for people who do not play GO but only css of some over the other 2000+ games from steam :)

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