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I've been a member of Chod's for roughly 2.5 years now lol. I havent really been playing any of the games that are offered in the past but been around as a lurker in hopes of EFT coming back and more recently I started getting into Dayz again after I saw how decent/far the game has come since release. Ive been around the hacking/scripting/modding/botting scene since back in the Arma 2 Dayz modded era and botting in wow back in MoP(Mists of Pandaria). I generally dont play FPS due to slower than average reaction time and being partial deaf due to sinus issues growing up(ear infections and tubes sadly), so i generally have to use third party programs to allow me to compete at a good enough level. With my recent grinding of Dayz, I knew I needed to get Chod's Dayz cheese to allow me to play it. So thats my intro lol. 

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