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Chod live again?


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Aimware was detected. Like 3 or 4 times, in a single month! AW is probably the single worst provider for CSGO. They were undetected for over 6 to 9 months when they first launched but that was because VAC never targeted them. Moment VAC decided to target them they were destroyed after their first ban. They are not very proud to admit that on their forums but they are the worst out of the worst.

EDIT: DC is the worst because he lies.

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I proudly support Chods, but my subscription is running out so I can't use it, gained an extra month from Emiiru when Chods was experiencing technical difficulties, but haven't been able to enjoy that month, so I wonder what Chod is up to, to secure us from VAC.

Edit: When I said Aimware wasn;t affected was because I noticed a post that said: "AIMWARE is proud to announce that in the recent banwave which affected many other major cheat providers, we were unharmed. " however after closer examination that post was 3 months old, so I withdraw that previous statement, although they have some pretty sweet features Chods doesn't have like force the bullet trajectory to hit a target/hitbox without even really aiming at it so you can spray what you want and still get them, could be sweet to implement as you can pretend a spray and get a lucky headshot or make it hit the chest but still get the kill.

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