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Why you should NEVER buy Paladins Cheat


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1. First of all, you dont wanna buy it cause its like the cheapest cheese around. I mean, why would you pay 17 GBP when you can buy one with 30 Euro, or 50?  So just dont buy  it cause its the cheapest one.


2.  You dont want this cause its so damn easy to use. Put it on a UBS drive , have the virtualization ON and VOILA! No, take another one where you  have to change 10000 things on your windows, disable all overlays in all programs and create new windows batched boot. 


3. You dont want this one cause its still bloody undetected. Go get one of those new ones where you will get ban fast.  Look at the bright side, you can always start over.


4. Chod's is offering full comepesantion of the subscription while is down during the update. So why would you want that? You dont, so dont buy it.


5. Chod's never add an option to cheese before testers are doing their job good.  So, you better go to those providers who have like 2000 options added and then EAC get you banned. 


6. Just dont buy it cause you can select bone where to shot. So why would you do that? why would you go safe and not  hit only headshots?


7. Also there is this little thing called ''prdicition'', so you can play as a pro with Cassie , Sha-Lin , Imani, etc. But dont bother, go get a cheese where you can only go headshot.


8. Dont buy if you wanna play it on 3 accounts, like me,  for about 6 months and never get ban. 1 account is GM and 2 are master.  I mean, who would wanna be GM in paladins and look legit?



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