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so recently  SCUM is getting more players and making a comeback. there is more player base now. and many  is looking for hacks for it. it have the same anticheat as DEADSIDE. is there any chance maybe

In this thread you can list games that you always wanted to have a cheat for. It can be ANY game you want! So don't hesitate to post even the smallest games. It would be great if you could also writ

1. Name of the Game: Rogue Company2. Name of the Engine: Easy Anti-cheat/ unreal engine 43. Why you want to have a cheat for it: Its a breand new game from hi-rez. Some kind a mix beteween counter str

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1. 游戏名称:周期
2.引擎名称简易反作弊/虚幻引擎4 3.为什么要为此作弊:并且由于您已经有2个作弊的作弊内容(圣骑士和领域皇家),可能会很容易制作出《The Cycle》 

Very interesting game, but there are few cheats in this game, I hope you can consider making it

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1. Name of the Game: Alliance Of Valiant Arms ( A.v.A )
2. Name of the Engine: Unreal Engine 3
3. Why you want to have a cheat for it:   Game was closed for months but its coming back and opening the 31 march 2021 on Steam . There is a business to do because they generally put anti cheat like xigncode / eac so if you're first making a cheat for it and doing pub you can have a lot of users . Back in the paste a cheat provider were having more than 200 +users per months for their cheat on A.v.A  .

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