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Found you guys on accident through some duckduckgo searches


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I love the work you guys too and the community so far has been great. one question though I couldn't find a location to request a game (if there is one) so I figured I would ask here first instead of messing up and posting a request where it isn't supposed to be. Thank you guys in advance and much love -Red X

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First let we welcome you to our lovely community.


About the game request, we dont really have an active request section but from time to time we make a post asking what ppl would like to see, and from that post we might make a cheat or 2. We dont take requests as it all depends on our coders and how much work they have, to many cheats at once will lower our security and we really care about our security! :)


so in short, keep an eye out for the next post about game requests.

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