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May I know...What do you have for lunch?


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All day. 24/7.


O sheeet, just whey :o aaaw sheet man get some real meat in ya :) even though whey is proven to be top quality protein but still haha. Anyways I have like 4-6 big meals a day adding up to 3600-4000 (Making gains, all kindssss) oats, chicken(7 chicken breasts a week), tuna(7 cans a week), eggs(5 whole eggs a day so 35 whole eegs a week), rice(too much), beans(3 cans a week), fruit(1 banana a day), pasta(too much), turkey(5 turkey breast week), steak(3 a week) and protein shake(32-40grams a day) with some creatine(5g a day) haha. would be kind of hard to take a picture of all but I will rougly show how much rice I eat per serving 2-3 times a day of rice.

My stats are:

6 ft 3







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