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  1. Can you give me screenshot of this "10 year veteran coin"
  2. Vouched sold me both bf4 and titanfall for 20 bucks. Went first on paypal.
  3. How much are you looking for price wise?
  4. Keep me on hold. Waiting to get vac banned. IF I get vac banned.
  5. Who died and made you admin.
  6. Try waiting up to 24 hours for your membership. It might be because you used bitcoin and there is a delay for something.
  7. <a href="" rel="external nofollow"><img src="" alt="c9ia6i-4.png" /></a>

  8. Keep this one on hold. I will buy it when I get unbanned from my main
  9. Looking for a person to play with badge and above. Cheats or no cheats idc. Pm me your steam
  10. Will buy account 1 add me on skype: superbilal2013