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vac pe cont de 3000 ore


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Buna ziua, vreau sa spun ca hack scopul meu csgo e de mare cacat am folosit o meci si am luat vac au avut 6 ucide nu am vrut sa dau pe fata am dat 25 de euro degeaba un mare cacat acest scop, am pierdut un cont de 3000 ore și piele de sute euro. RECOMANDĂ NU. Chiar dacă sunt 4 automate de configurare în el pe un legit public am folosit deci un cacat de.

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Naming another provider.
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He's basically saying that he used your hack and got a VAC Ban on a 3000 hour account, he only played with "Legit" Config and killed 6 people and he lost like 300$ worth of skins.


Either way this dude isn't speaking proper Romanian. He most likely just google translated stuff.


On 5/15/2019 at 7:17 PM, F̲a̲c̲e̲l̲e̲s̲s̲ said:

Hey, please ask your question in english.


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He's talking about another provider, not us, he didn't get banned because of us. 

Well, by that being said, I am pretty sure he didn't get banned because of us, that was purely his own fault.

Also, we never recommend cheating on your main account, especially with 300$ worth of skins, that is purely his own fault by doing so.


Kind Regards,



//thread closed.

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