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EFT Cheese - Dude, just buy it already


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Hey there. If you clicked on this, obviously my title did it's job, right? Right.


So, a little background on me. I'm a small-time cheat developer myself (not a very good one) and would never consider selling nor even attempting something on a current AAA game. Soooo I stumbled across a few high-name developers on some cheat sites and here we are. Chod has been around a while and I've seen his work previously...why not?

Bruh, I did NOT expect THIS much quality. Like, oh my god, I knew Chod made good stuff, but this is ridiculously clean and efficient.


  • For starters, the aimbot is absolutely perfect. Silent aim works as it should, the FOV slider is standard but makes things oh so much easier to stay secret squirrel. Not to mention the multiple hitbox/tag selection is a great addition. A+ job on this
  • Next, the ESP is perfect. I used a paid cheat before Chod's (actually went back and got a refund because believe it or not, the one I paid for didnt even work when it was up...STILL BEING SOLD) and it was just awful. The font was awful, the performance was sub-par (especially when you're viewing players + info, loot, containers + loot, etc), and it was just questionable on what was really going on behind the scenes. Switching over to Chod's...immediately I noticed a performance difference. Viewing 1000+ text items being rendered while the game suffers nearly zero performance loss was PHENOMENAL. I don't even know how it's being done this efficiently to be honest...it's just...amazing.
  • Finally, the additional features...now everybody has Esp, most have aimbots, etc. But the other stuff? SAFE. That's all that really matters. Nobody needs to speed across the map in 5 seconds, rage people out, and get themselves detected in an hour. With Chod's, you need not worry as long as you stick within the sanity of things. There is a safe mode, night vision, skyhack (force the sky into XX time to be daytime during actual nighttime), loot filters, just to name a few (and I didn't even pull out the cool stuff yet :P)

Honestly man, this cheat is probably the best cheat I've ever used, hands down. I understand that's saying a world plus some, but I'm being honest here. This is the most efficient, the cleanest, and one of the most secure programs I've ever had the pleasure of using in a game.


Chod, great friggin work my dude. Please keep doing what you do.

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