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2019 EFT Cheese Review


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Hello, I'm here today to tell you what I think of the EFT cheese.


injection 10/10

Couldn't be easier to get the cheese going.


Menu 10/10

Very simple and never glitches out.


ESP 10/10

Damn amazing how I can set the colors the way I like them to be and the ESP is always spot on.


Aimbot 9/10 

Ok, so the start of this is the aimbot is great just one thing It glitches out every now and then and doesn't snap to the box it goes to the right.


Misc 10/10

I love all the extra features as auto unlocks for doors it's amazing.


Visual 10/10 

Very Very Very good things.


Radar 9/10

I've only used this once cause it's white and I can't see through it so it gets in the way but still a good feature.


Overall 10/10

There are many places out that sell cheese but I think chod does it the best sometimes it's down but it's back up within a week or so if its an update 

So if you reading this thinking of buying this get and give it a try you won't regret it.



If you made it this far thx for reading.

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