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Keenox, small intro


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Hello community!


My name (here only) is Keenox, and I've been using Chad Cheese for EFT only for about a year (or something like that). I've been on and off EFT many times and for a long time because of the chaos that my life is (switching jobs, moving from one place to another, and many other). I guess this is no place to chit chat about my life details, but if we end up playing together and I feel like babbling during gunfights, well you'll know a bit more about me! But I usually don't. So, yeah.


Despite this "chaos", life's pretty good. I recently wanted to go back on EFT, but having a messed up schedule like this makes it quite hard to git gud. So thanks Chod's for this gift of the gods.


I obviously play "legit" when cheesing, as much as I can. No auto pointing gun and shooting with no recoil, only a good old ESP. This allows me to enjoy the game, and I can take a kill from time to time.

Going back to Tarkov (and not escaping) lead me to use those tools again, and I naturally got back to Chod.


I think this is enough as an introduction, but feel free to ask anything :). I'll try and answer as much as possible!

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