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Can someone please explain to me, why he has not been caught before?

I mean look at this Gameplay, dafuq? He can cheat like this and gets to the ESL, but if I cheat with a FOV of 1 and a low aimbot speed, i get a OW ban.

For real how he has not been caught before, I'm so confused?! ?



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He probably only used very subtle settings like ESP throughout most of the recorded events - aside from his obvious aimlock on Cache. The first clip, I don't see any aimbot and if there is it's only moving to the target and then turning off so it looked fairly doable. It's only now he's been caught that people are scrutinizing every clip.

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5 minutes ago, Dexter said:

the event managers and his team knew that he was cheating and they even signed a contract that he has to leave when he gets caught.

So they allowed him to join the tournament, although they knew he's cheating? Dafuq ?

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