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EFT and USB Stick review


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Sooo since im so amazed by the cheese and this community (Coders, Staff - not Users :D) i want to write my opinions.


First of all my native language isnt english so sorry for typos and misspelling or wrong grammar :D
I dont use the Cheese to rage around, i like to be under the radar and be as much legit as possible.

Also i bought the USB Stick which i will include in my review.


Cheese and available features: 10/10

Dude this Cheese has so much features, most of them are just to much for legit hacking.

The norecoil, nospread and nosway are working perfectly for the advantage i looked for.

I dont use the aimbot so i cant tell you anything about it.


The friendlist feature is awesome if you play with friends or in a squad since you can highlight your friends with another ESP color which helped me alot in some huge fights to not kill my mates.


The ESP fucking rocks!! The Item filter is soooo helpful to get rid of the annoying item farming quest.

Also it helps to get rich since you can filter all that high$$$ shit. If you choose to see those Bitcoins on the map, the ESP will only show those, even if they are in a crate, jacket, whatever. LOVE IT!!!


The possibility of the skyhack is also nice if you want to fuck up some high geared dudes in night raids.


Community and its Staff: 9/10

Im cheating since many years, on many games on my providers. But absolutly NO other site has such nice and fast replying Staffs.

There was only one other provider(which i wont name here, it wouldnt mind bc its down for years anyway and it was for CS:S) where the coder lookedand cared this much about the security of his members.

The reason why i cant give 10/10 are some of the users. The majority of the community is really nice and youre able to discuss real things about with them. But there are always some retards who think they are funny and know everything about cheating. 


USB Stick (Hardware and delivery): 10/10

The material of the USB Stick is high-quality metal, not some Sandisk plastic shit.

Also the metal box where the USB Stick cames in is nice and stable. The box do have a usual place on my desk :).

The Stick comes with some letters where everything is explained well (activation of the cheese and stuff).

The delivery was way faster than some big online warehouses which are sending stuff daily.

Packaging was also very well so nothing will be damaged while passing the great lake to me.


Thats everything I have to say about this cheese, community and its members.


Hope i helped you with your decision to buy or not to buy.









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