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Realm Royale Testimonial


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I haven't seen a Realm Royale testimonial so I thought I'd write one up. I'll keep it short and sweet.

So after playing around for it with an hour in squads with CTON I feel I can give a little feedback and I will edit it once more features are added. So, from what I'm aware this was coded by a new developer and he did a pretty good job for the most part. While it's lacking what I would consider the staple of Chod's - a clean, user-friendly menu - it does do everything else I would expect to a good quality. The ESP works, it's mostly customizable when it comes to options which is great if you want to see less or more information. I think the distance on the ESP is fine, it doesn't get in the way and I've only experienced a little bit of latency delay with it updating player boxes once they're dead. 


Aimbot: It's great. Works as intended and has smoothing options should you want to look more legit. Me personally, I tend to turn smoothing off as I like to dunk on them and don't care how obvious it looks xD My advice is to stick with weapons like the Heirloom and avoid weapons with a delay like a crossbow, sniper etc. because it doesn't account for the travel time.


If you're looking to cheese in Realm Royale I'd recommend it  ?



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