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[V0.9 EFT] Hey, we're back in action!


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It’s a laggy shitty game that will never come up to standard. Cheating and making the entitled little fools cry is all it’s good for.


Do I..


A: grind for 8 hours trying to find some obscure items to complete a task only to unlock another soul destroying pointless task..


or B: Use chods cheat as the only real way to actually have any fun in this “game”


hmmm I wonder..

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7 minutes ago, OperatorVex said:

lol u savage

Truth to be told, I really held myself back while doing this edit.


6 minutes ago, Anarchy said:

Ah, very nice edit. Bravo.

Thanks mate. Patience is a virtue.


6 minutes ago, Rev_Gabe_Asher said:

It’s a laggy shitty game that will never come up to standard.

In my opinion BSG has done a lot of great updates to performance in these latest updates, gotta give it to them. Who knows, maybe someday I'll stop cheating and play the game legit. Or, naaah...

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1 hour ago, Mazkee said:

I can understand why they are pissed off though.


Agreed, and thats fair enough. Its just seeing those who go out of way to be as abusive and insulting as possible to anyone who they even think is cheating is what really annoys me.

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