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So about one month ago I was playing with bunch of my mates in EFT and they are highly skilled people who are lvl 50-60+


but we got burned up multiple times by hackers on shoreline map so I went to chod's cheat to got some revenge and I actually track down 2 of the 6 hackers we encounter before.


Chod's cheese was state of art lvl when its version 0.8 but after the update, the banwave rly hurts us bad

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Patiently waiting for new cheese to buy a new copy of the game

Honestly, the community is kinda dead until there's anything to talk about, most of the cheats aren't fully working from what I've heard. 


All there is right now is patience. 

We were the #1 cheat for tarkov

it was a big thing

other cheaters are still in the game with personally coded stuff they aren't giving out to anyone, but I've seen it on ([{Some]}) forums I frequent that they are making new ones 


Sabertooth is a crappy anti cheat, chod will break through it, he's taking his time to ensure we get another 13 months straight with no banwave 

and that's a good thing. 

if it takes a month or two to give us another year of cheats, I can wait. It's worth the wait. 

Chod will get it to us the fastest he can while ensuring it will actually be working, he needs to make back his lost capital and feed his family lol

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