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I swear to god Chod is some kind of wizard or some shit.


Visuals: The visuals are very good 9/10 (A good feature would be if your custom filters would save, and another one would be deleting a filter from the custom filter list without having to delete all of them)

Aimbot: I will give this a 9/10 because it's not perfect at the moment, sometimes, the aim isn't even close to the person, it slips to the left sometimes. But most of the time it works very good.

Misc: This is probably a 10/10, this is really good, you have so much stuff to choose from. You can teleport, you can nightvision, you can stop your food/water from decreasing, it's pretty goddamn good.

Security: Wow, what are the EFT devs doing? This is a 10/10, defineatly.

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