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Shout out to Chod and Staff


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Hello everyone,

Ok so I've been part of many cheat communities, but for the last month or so, after joining Chod's community, there is no other better one out there. Not only the cheats themselves, but the community, staff and mods. Seriously, this group gives a damn about your accounts. Most of these other communities could care less as long as they get paid. Response to questions or issues here on the forum or their discord channel is the best I've experienced. So much so that I became a supported a week ago and will be donating to their cause to maintain the best cheat community on the planet. I've seen a lot chatter the last few days since the EFT update was pushed, and I would wait a month for a stable cheat, instead of days for a mediocre at best cheat that could get you banned. Happy to be a part of this community and I would recommend it to anyone that is considering cheats.


Satisfied customer.


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