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EFT review 1st impressions

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Escape From Tarkov 


One of the best games I have ever owned and this cheat brings it to a whole new level. Don’t get me wrong it kinda makes me feel guilty, I’ve never hacked or cheated in a game!! 


The features are suprisingly good!! Simple as hell to use! 


AimBot 5/10 - this seems to have an issue for me, always shoots a few feet above the target and actually gets me killed -will update when it’s fixed. 


WallHack 10/10- this is superb. Being able to see everything and everyone on the map is amazing. 


AutoOpen locked stuff- 10/10 amazing


On top everything it is super easy to install and use. 


One negative is that the super bullet won’t disable if you’ve turned it on at some point, so I always manage to one tap everyone which may get me caught out so be aware of that 



PS- I’m a newby to cheats, these issues I’ve had may be down to me not knowing too much about the cheat so apologies...

Will update 1 week from now 


Thanks again CHOD 

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Thanks for honest review! I'm sure you can fix aimbot setting and make it better because my aims are on the target 9/10.

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