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?[WTS] Rocket League boosting // GTA Online Moneyservice ?


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Rocket League Boosting

I offer fast and cheap Rocket League boosting on 2v2 from Silver up to Champion.
My own current rank is C3 and i got around 2500h playtime.
I will play on your account, or we play together (more expensive)

(You can pay via Paypal F&F, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Steamwallet, Steamskins, PSC)

-Boosting on your Account-

Bronze - Silver = 5€
Silver - Gold = 5€
Gold - Platin = 15€
Platin - Diamond = 20€
Diamond - Champion 1 = 35€

Example: From Silver to Diamond = 5+15+20 = 40€

-Boosting while playing together-

Bronze - Silver = 10€
Silver - Gold = 10€
Gold - Platin = 20€
Platin - Diamond = 30€

Example: From Silver to Diamond = 10+20+30 = 60€

-Get your Season Rewards!-
Bronze = 5€
Silver = 5€
Gold = 10€
Platin = 10€
Diamond = 20€
Champion = 30€

I will do all 10 Reward matches of your current rank! ( only available if i'm playing on your account)

If you got any questions, feel free to PM me or comment below.


GTA Online Money/Level Service

I can offer a safe and fast Money- and Level Service

Note: I will have to login on your Socialclub- or Steam Account.

What will you get?
Level of your choice (100-500)
300 Million Dollar
Achievements unlocked
Most of the unlockable Car paints, Hairstyles, Tattoos, Clothings, etc. unlocked

Max Stats

What do you have to provide after paying?
If you own the game on Socialclub you have to give me the E-mail adress + password of Sc.
If you own the game on Steam you have to give me your Steam Username + password and also your Steamguard Code if you got it activated.

I will go in offline mode in steam and join a private Lobby.

How long will it take?
It will take 10-20 minutes.

Price: 10€
(You can pay via Paypal F&F, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Steamwallet, Steamskins)

If you got any questions, feel free to PM me or comment below.

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17 minutes ago, Dr. Snif said:

Do you give away any vouch copies to validate your skill level:P?

I wouldn't mind a small training session or some random fun games with the online brother of Sebastian Vettel. 


Do you even play Rocket League? xD I can pm you my stats to validate my skill level mate :P

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Just received some training aka boost from the man himself. It seems Faceless received a face. I think he was a child fostered by Ronaldo's & Vettel's parents. I can definitely recommend getting a boost from him since I went from silver 3 to platinum 1 in just a couple of games. Aside from the fast leveling, it's just great to see him play haha :D

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Since the game launched on console years ago i've had/spent over 1bil on my account, they've never took anything off me i've bought but have removed a few million from my bank a few month ago, i crashed 1 car and it broke me, haven't played since ?

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