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cheat for pubg


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5 hours ago, CantThinkOfName said:

Yes it does take awhile for an invite. If you are active for a couple of months that's how you will get it.

Got it, and have no other way to get the trick to PUBG without being vip?

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On 4/30/2018 at 3:50 PM, 9nine said:

How long would it take for me to become a VIP and be able to access the pubg cheat? You got how much time?


29 minutes ago, mkersen said:

Lol OMG I feel like im 14 all over again being picked for a team on recess... Dudes it's a friggin cheat.... I understand for security purposes you don't want game developers buying the cheat.... But some of us are older gamers make good money own companies etc.... and really don't have the time to be active on these forums and still would like to cheat.... I have been hacking in PC games since counter strike 1.5 with fushion back.... The old school JAP and Rage-X days.... But now I am an adult.... You want me to send me my SSN and Run a background check?


20 minutes ago, mkersen said:

I was around when LTFX cheat came out before STEAM even existed lol who remembers JAPS clan or Rage-X! I'm so old lol I wish I could be active but I just can't 

No need to spam, once the admins feel like you can be a trusted member of the community, they will allow for you to buy the vip cheats!

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