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1 hour ago, Dr. Snif said:

GoT, Vikings, Suits, White Collar, Arrow, 24 with Jack Bauerr, The Unit, Sons of Anarchy, Spartacus, The Blacklist, La Casa De Papel, Breaking Bad, Prison Break, Narcos. Probably some more, but these were out of the top of my head.

nice list!

13 Reasons Why, House of Cards, Dark
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8 hours ago, Kunai said:

Hey guys on Monday i have to go to the Hospital and i have to stay there for 4 days, i will bring my Laptop so i need some suggestions for some nice Movies/Series tell me your Favorite ones :D

I hope everything is alright?!
1. keeping up with Kardashian
kidding but you might like it!
2. Jersey Shore
3. X on the beach
4. Ready player one
5. Handmaid
6. Roxanne Roxanne
7. Annihilation 
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you want a movies anime series hahaha watch this one 

1. The Flash S1~S4 (Series)
2. Super Girl (Series)
3. Commuter (Movie)
4. Sin : Nanatsu no Taizai (Anime Watch The Girl Version)
5. Rampage (Movie)
6. Tokyo Ghoul : Re (Anime)
7. Fifty Shade Freed (Movie :D)
Horror List
8. Coming Soon (Thailand Movie)
9. Art of the Devil 3 (Thailand Movie)
10. R-Point (Korea Movie)
11. One Missed Call (Japan Movie)
12. Norio: The Curse (Japan Movie Based on True Story)
13. JU-ON: White Lady (Japan Movie)
14. The Wailing (Korea Movie)

Hope You Pick one to watch xD

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I don't know your preference in TV series, but I've recently enjoyed

Atypical (Comedy) - Season 1 of 1
Bloodline - Season 3 of 3
Ozark - Season 1 of 1
StartUp - Season 2 of 3 (season 3 2018)
Hand of God (Season 2 of 2)
Goliath (Season 1 of 1)
Homeland (Season 7ish of 8)
Black Mirror (Season 4 of 4)

Most of them are Drama/Thrillers, which I prefer to action/comedy :P
Plus most of them are completed and short, so easy to binge watch :)

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