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8 hours ago, Kunai said:

Hey guys on Monday i have to go to the Hospital and i have to stay there for 4 days, i will bring my Laptop so i need some suggestions for some nice Movies/Series tell me your Favorite ones :D

I hope everything is alright?!
1. keeping up with Kardashian
kidding but you might like it!
2. Jersey Shore
3. X on the beach
4. Ready player one
5. Handmaid
6. Roxanne Roxanne
7. Annihilation 
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you want a movies anime series hahaha watch this one 

1. The Flash S1~S4 (Series)
2. Super Girl (Series)
3. Commuter (Movie)
4. Sin : Nanatsu no Taizai (Anime Watch The Girl Version)
5. Rampage (Movie)
6. Tokyo Ghoul : Re (Anime)
7. Fifty Shade Freed (Movie :D)
Horror List
8. Coming Soon (Thailand Movie)
9. Art of the Devil 3 (Thailand Movie)
10. R-Point (Korea Movie)
11. One Missed Call (Japan Movie)
12. Norio: The Curse (Japan Movie Based on True Story)
13. JU-ON: White Lady (Japan Movie)
14. The Wailing (Korea Movie)

Hope You Pick one to watch xD

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I don't know your preference in TV series, but I've recently enjoyed

Atypical (Comedy) - Season 1 of 1
Bloodline - Season 3 of 3
Ozark - Season 1 of 1
StartUp - Season 2 of 3 (season 3 2018)
Hand of God (Season 2 of 2)
Goliath (Season 1 of 1)
Homeland (Season 7ish of 8)
Black Mirror (Season 4 of 4)

Most of them are Drama/Thrillers, which I prefer to action/comedy :P
Plus most of them are completed and short, so easy to binge watch :)

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