Greetings cheaters I am back !


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So while searching on Youtube for some quality cheating contents, I saw CHOD'S CHEAT and realized that I once was part of this community!B|
So after I vanished for over 3 years, I am glad to say I am back!
I remember the first time I used the CS:GO cheat it was the best one I ever used!
You guys made me fall in love with your visuals! I also remember all the small features & details that was exclusive to CHOD'S CHEATS!
Alright, enough was said! I am glad to be back and I hope I will stay here for a while :)

                                                                                                                                           About me

I have two usernames, Mayer1234 & Poumon ! I started playing video games when I was 6 years old and got into cheating at the age of 13 ...Here is a small list of games I enjoy playing with cheats : CS:GO, Rust, League of legends, Arma III 
I have over 3k hours on CS:GO (1.5k legit and 1.5k Hacking) On Arma III, I only have 1k if not less :)
I am getting started on Rust (I played in legacy but not too much) I have around ~ 400 hours
The last thing you need to know about me is that I'm a French Canadian so don't start insulting me if I make mistakes...


Thanks and feel free to ask me questions!

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