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Hey Community,

I got a CSGO cheat Subscription for 1 Month!

For my first Giveaway I want to try something. If it doesn't work i will choose the winner randomly in 5 Days (21/04/2018) from all the Comments below, but I think this is a more funny way then just comment and wait.

How to get the Key:
This is how the working Key is build up. 5 parts and every part have 4 Numbers or Letters

And this is your 1 Month free CSGO Key:  st+q | 66 73 83 84 | 444A3246 | NTdCUg== |
-. -.... ..... -.-.

Ups Someone encoded this key 9_9 looks like you need to decode it if you want to use it.

I separated every part with a line ( | )
Every part is encoded differently with 1 encode method.


You can use the Decoded key at: Store -> Activate License Key or with this link:
Please write a Comment or Pm me if you Solved it and you got the key activated!
There is no random Winner if someone solved it until 21/04/2018
I would appreciate if you tell me your opinion to this Giveaway. Is it too hard? too easy? unfair?
For any questions use the Comment Section or Pm me

Good luck everyone, have fun and forgive me my bad english:ph34r:


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Just now, Oxyde said:

We could just look up at the key generated... heheheh
But that's a very cool idea! Glade you came up with something new and funny :D

._. then you could destroy every giveaway if the person already have the key ¬¬
do i need to exlclude Staffs now? :D
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2 hours ago, secretuser91 said:

still breaking my head on this.... I'm going mental, are serials caps sensitive? :P
EDIT: Error code: 1X241/1 = invalid key?

They should be. However every key must be type in with all capital letters and numbers.
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Just now, Oxyde said:

So you actually solved this little puzzle and got the key?

Hell yeah!!! I've claimed the reward and I think that the biggest reward is my knowledge gain about encoding hahaha and the month subscription is a nice addition to it!
I would like to share the solution but hide it by default as a *spoiler*. how does that work?
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Alright so I've found out how to make a spoiler!
To be honest, this has been a really nice way of doing a give away and I hope it motivates people to share knowledge!
I've never enjoyed a headache this much :D so therefore I'd like to thank you for this amazing giveaway!

for the people who are wondering what the solution was: (ARGHHH, THIS DOESN'T HIDE IT, MOD can you make this a spoiler? :P)

st+q (ROT47) -> DEZB
66 73 83 84 (ASCII) -> BIST
444A3246 (HEX) -> DJ2F
NTdCUg== (BASE64) -> 57BR
-. -.... ..... -.-. (morse) -> N65C

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