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the name "CHOD" ?


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14 hours ago, Dr. Snif said:

Cheat Hard 0 Deaths. No idea, good question!

He's close!
Chod never died in a videogame ever. Still 0 Death since day 1.
Chod > PewDiePie.

What's behind his sunglasses? Maybe another pair of sunglasses...
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35 minutes ago, Zenaku said:

You could say its his cheating name. Chod is his nick and the cheats he makes is his lol
its like Zenaku's Cheats something like that maybe


I was guessing he ment the name chod. Like if it stands or is related to something. It's obviously the coders name :P 
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  • 2 weeks later...

CHOD is Short for = Calling Home Only Desire = CHOD,
CHOD's a really big family person so the family desire is strong with this one.

See if you knew dae way, you wouldn't be talking about this but sadly.

You do not know dae way... sooooo spit on the non-believers!!

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