Games besides Rust?


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57 minutes ago, Zuppy said:
Fortnite (even though no hacks), COD, and definitely CSGO. Lol.
Ugh, Fortnite is so boring though, played it for a couple of games and got bored real fast, COD however I got tired of a few years back and stopped with CSGO :o
12 minutes ago, Dr. Snif said:

Fortnite, PUBG, Battalion 1944 and CSGO mostly.

Never trie PUBG tbh, Probably a bit too overestimated imo and I'm wondering how Battalion is like
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17 minutes ago, Dr. Snif said:

Battalion is like a mix between COD2 and COD4 promod. It basically has COD2 weapons with COD4 movement. I've played COD for years on high competative level, so I truely enjoy those kind of FPS. I'd say it is definately worth to try out for 15 bucks. 

I'll probably try it out, as far of it's reviews it is quite positive.
18 minutes ago, Torpedo said:

Rocket League, ARK, PUBG, GTA V, a bit CSGO, EFT, Dead by Daylight :D  i dont play Rust..

What's EFT :O
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