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Rated's Introduction


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Hey there.
I came across Chod's Cheats by searching for a EFT Cheat, I am glad that I found Chod's Cheats, it's looking very promising, I am going to buy the EFT Cheat probably tomorrow.

My name is Rated, been in the Cheating Scene for over +11 years now. I started using cheats since CS 1.6 and worked my myself up to being a professional CS Player. (EPS Pro Series 1.6/S | DML CS 1.6/CS:S)
I also played for PENTA Sports, NerdRage.pro and many more teams in CS:GO, after a while I pretty much retired due. work and life. 

A few years ago I used to be a part of a few popular cheating websites which I worked myself up to being a Head Administrator.
Some of you may remember those Websites if you have been part of the ArmA Cheating Scene for a few years.

(vilegaming, insanitycheats and many more which disbanded) (I worked with Douggem, Rustler, monky, Lystic, InfiStar etc.)

That's my short Introduction, thanks for reading.

Best Regards,

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1 hour ago, Torpedo said:

Welcome to Chod's mate (:


1 hour ago, Welchey1998 said:

Hey Rated welcome to chods we all hope you enjoy ur stay and have a good time cheating if you have any problems with with you client/cheat when you purchase let us know


1 hour ago, ikk said:

You have quite the 'resume' there. Welcome to the community, I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay.

Thank you very much. I'm looking forward to it. 

Best Regards,
Edited by Rated
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