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Kastro's Introduction


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Hi, I am Kastro I've been known under this name for years since Gp - AKA Gangsta Paradise hacking clan was around some may remember the clan people who haven't hacked for that long wont, I have been hacking for years.

I am from United Kingdom aged 28 and I am looking forward to playing with you guys on the game at some point, I have 14 game bans on different steam accounts for csgo and 0 vac bans on any of my accounts so i do have spare css accounts, If anyone is interested in accompanying me in any csgo or css games please feel free to message me, I am a web developer and I will be starting my own hosting company soon.

That's all i can say about myself anyway see you all soon :)

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them bans are just from csgo you should see other games lol, thats just for 2018 this month cant help rage hack <3 in my nature :D and its fun, I will like my stay as ive known Chods work since he started EnhancedAim and was 1 of the best aimbots out there and it had a really cool feature with the mirror onit so you could see who is behind you =] but that was his css hack, by end of the year prob have over 100 bans maybe more once a hacker always a hacker ay!!.

I want to try this hack out as im looking for the perfect hack, Longest ive gone without game ban is 1 year then decided to rage :).

But looking forward to getting to know everyone.

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yeah sure i will look when this was dated aswel and ive been hacking since before then aswel the quality was from leader of Gp but if you go to 7:40 on video its me but if you want to watch the video through see if there is anyone you recognise be my guest :) and dont worry Gp does not exist nomore nor does anything in this video etc so ignore the name.

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