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  1. guys its just a cat and mouse game.. totally normal. You are at risk if you cheating. Deal with it, it will never gets UD for lifetime. Thats said, the good times are over. For good. They where way to many hackers and im a hacker. Was not fun...
  2. Performance: Not much to say here other than it barely drops fps, if it even does. I have my game caps to 60, and I only see it dip when I play on shoreline, because thats shoreline. 10/10 sorry but that is not objective^^
  3. i trolled some other cheaters (german) https://clips.twitch.tv/HotOriginalInternStrawBeary https://clips.twitch.tv/HyperLuckyCobblerJebaited
  4. yeah its fucking expensive.
  5. Hey, who would like to see a Fortnite Hack? I think it could be great :-) Has Battle-Eye as protection, so i think it would be invite only?
  6. in the past i bought razer only, but i think the quality is less good then a few years back. Im with Corsair.
  7. thank you for the great review. I have the same probs for the misc section. I am sure they will upgrade the cheat big time, as i think there is a great request for the cheat. Anyways thanks again :-)
  8. good review, happy fraggin :-)
  9. Great Review ! Im with you on nearly every point.
  10. thanks bro but its on a pre paid visa so icant add money sorry then mate :-/
  11. I was into mining and trading cryptos. I would not suggest anyone invest in BTC Longterm. Bitcoin is a dinosaur in cryptoworld and will go down as the one like pennystocks,www, and so on. There are many Cryptos out there which are very innovative, btc is not one of them. For anyone, dont mine on Services on the interweb, its a great scam. Nicehash for example is the great scam.... I advice anyone who wants to mine anything to do it with your own machines to a certain degree. Dont mine on nicehash or anything similar. Back to Topic: IF you can switch it on and off (mining) why not. Personally, i will not mine to pay the cheat.
  12. welcome mate :-) happy fraggin
  13. Hey, i think the cheat will get more options and optimization soon. The Game itself needs to be optimized. Its still beta 0.5 :-) If you set the fov to like 1.5 and turn instakill off, it seems pretty legit for me. try my config :-) anyways thanks for the review
  14. i bought it and it was a good decision :-)
  15. Oh my effing god love your profile pic... thx .-)
  16. yes :-) but i dont like to rage the game. for example in tarkov, you can easily kill all enemies miles away, that kills the game for me. instead i use a little bit of the aimbot magic + very less esp, so have an advantage but the thrill of the game is still there :-)
  17. hi this cheat is one of the best i have used so far in my carreer as a cheater. aimbot - 9/10, you get youre kills easy as fuck. esp - 10/10, you have all options available incl skelleton user friendly - 10/10, easy to use, easy to understand you even have the option to port the whole loot to your location. you can fly with this hack, you can no clip with this hack. you can have unlimmited ammo with this hack. its great really its fantastic! buy it
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