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Depends on what kind of manga you're looking for.
and what type of drawing you like too

In novelty you have :
Killing Bites

The last year :
Koutetsujou no Kabaneri 
Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on titan)

Great Anime:
Aldnoah Zero
Code Geass
Gundam 00
Hunter x hunter 2011
Tokyo Ghoul


It is just a quick list, i have more again 
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28 minutes ago, Oxyde said:

-Blue exorcist
-Code Geass
-Akame ga kill
-Sword Art Online

i'm ok with this ! ^^
But not Black Clover, the Japanese voice is so boring form Asta xD all the time screaming

You can add in the list "Re:Zero kara hajimeru isekai seikatsu" too
It's a strange anime, but after the 2/3 episodes, you eat the saison in 2 days
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3 minutes ago, Pml-sama said:
i'm ok with this ! ^^
But not Black Clover, the Japanese voice is so boring form Asta xD all the time screaming

You can add in the list "Re:Zero kara hajimeru isekai seikatsu" too
It's a strange anime, but after the 2/3 episodes, you eat the saison in 2 days
Yeah also very good anime, but black cover aside from asta voice it's a great anime imo
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I have soooooooo many, but I'll stick to safe bets as we're all on a gaming forum, so any gamer would really really love these ones

1) Sword Art Online
This is a must-watch if you're a gamer, which I assume we all are. It's set in the future where gamers put on a special VR-headset and completely "dive" into a virtual game world, but then something goes wrong and the players get stuck in the virtual world, unable to return to their real bodies. And more than that, dying in the game also means they'll die in real life. The only way to escape from the game is to beat the game, which means risking their real lives. The main character is one of the elite frontline players, and possibly the strongest player in that world.

2) No Game No Life
Similar genre to SAO, but it's really short. It's about 2 gamers who are so insanely skilled at video games that they PWN everyone on earth and make a name for themselves, even winning versus hackers with just pure skill. A god appears from another world and offers to transport them into his own world that has special laws where everything revolves around games, winner takes all. They start with absolutely nothing and have to use their gaming skills to survive and grow in power.

3) Re:Zero
Honestly my favourite anime that's come out within the last few years. It's about a guy who gets teleported into an alternate world, and in the new world he gains the ability that whenever he dies, he gets to restart from a "checkpoint". The alternate dimension is full of mythical creatures, magic users, knights with magic swords, and the main character dies repeatedly until he gets his desired outcome. He ends up trying to help a princess he meets become the queen. Hard to say much more about the plot line without spoilers, but it's well worth watching.

4) Overlord
Made by the same people who made One Punch Man. Overlord is about an MMORPG gamer who played the game for a super long time, farmed everything, and is super incredibly strong in the game. But the game runs it course, gets old, and the servers shut down. He's the last player logged into the game, and the only one online when the servers shut off. But when the servers shut off, instead of getting logged out, he gets sucked into the game permanantly and becomes his in-game character. He gets to live as his in-game character, and interact with all the ingame NPCs and fight all sorts of monsters and bad guys.
The season 2 for Overlord is coming out really soon too so its definitely worth a watch.

And man, I could keep going for ages but then we'd literally be here forever.

Some other animes to check out:

Attack on Titan (Everyone needs to watch this, about giant Titans who eat humanity)
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (Kinda similar to Attack on Titan, except the last strongholds of mankind are cities connected by huge fortified train lines.)
Accel World (Same author as SAO, players dive into a game world which they can use to pause IRL time, and battle each other to gain abilities)
Boku no Hero (About superheroes, 'nuff said)
Steins;Gate (An anime about Time-Warping and stuff)
Mirai Nikki (About people with diaries who fight to the death, their diaries predict the future)
Hunter X Hunter (Fantasy world fighting anime)
Kuroko No Basket (About basketball, except with supernatural abilities like going semi-invisible and hyper-overdrive abilities)
Haikyuu (About Volleyball, not so much supernatural abilities but insane skill and awesome non-stop action)
Tokyo Ghoul (Kinda falls into the "Vampire-genre" of  anime, but with ghouls who eat human flesh instead. Awesome fighting anime)
Clannad (about high school kids growing up, kinda a sad story / love story type of anime)
Your Lie in April (Piano related anime, enjoyable even if you're not into music and it manages to not be sappy and soft. Awesome piano/violin duets.)

Seriously, all of these anime are awesome, it just depends on what genres you enjoy. It's worth checking them all out.

And if you didn't know already, the best way to watch anime is to stream them online from websites, because chances are you'll watch tonnes of episodes which will take up way to much space if you download them all.
I used to use crunchyroll, but then i found animefrost dot tv and they are SOOOOO much better.

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