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  1. short review, simple review The fact are here, you are happy ! :)
  2. I like your sentence. When the cheat replace the normal game ^^ i feel the same when i play with cheat on a game since a long time. You cannot play without after.
  3. Hi everyone i think that you already know it, but since today, Bluehole put a new update on test server. it is especially an update concerning the protection against cheaters with what they call a new anti cheat solution. The update is about 4 GB in size We support the chod team for the future works !
  4. I bought it too. You comfort me in my purchase. Thanks for your review
  5. Ah yeah, you didn't have the same name on Pubg ^^ And yeah, it's very expensive for just drink and take a boat XD
  6. Hi, I arrived yesterday, but I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Mike, I am 27 years old, I work in finance:) I mainly play GTA V / PUBG / dark souls / and the next games that will be released like Sea of thieves, Far cry 5, and many others. Looking forward to playing with you on several games:) I've already done some games with Oxyde which is very nice:)
  7. Great sketch ! ^^ it's always a lot of work to do that. it's normal to recognize your talent
  8. i'm ok with this ! ^^ But not Black Clover, the Japanese voice is so boring form Asta all the time screaming You can add in the list "Re:Zero kara hajimeru isekai seikatsu" too It's a strange anime, but after the 2/3 episodes, you eat the saison in 2 days
  9. Depends on what kind of manga you're looking for. and what type of drawing you like too In novelty you have : FranXX Killing Bites The last year : Koutetsujou no Kabaneri Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on titan) Great Anime: Aldnoah Zero Code Geass Gundam 00 Hunter x hunter 2011 Tokyo Ghoul It is just a quick list, i have more again
  10. Main game for me stay GTA V (1500 hours above) After you have the saga FROMSOFTWARE with Dark souls series and Bloodborn and after PUBG ^^
  11. ahah, great video, I like when you wait that he open the door ^^