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Hey guys Im PHPBIRD3 And Im going to review all the Chod's cheats possible!
I'll do compact, nice and clean reviews for all of you who is trying to decide what or which cheat to buy, or you don't even know if you even should buy it.

My job is to provide nice, fast, easy and clean help for you, when you need it.
But I'll also need your help too.
Please try to be tuned for my reviews posts, I need much people, so I can proove myself to the admin team, that Im worth being accepted. 
I need to get accepted as a trusted member in order the review all the cheats.
After I would be invited Im also planning to make whole review VIDEOS; yes you heard it right, to contribute to Chod's Cheats and help you guys in an even adanced, better way. So Im able to provide you guys with much more and better information, tests and other stuff. ú
Im also aiming to be a moderator on the forums, so I can truthly dedicate myself to this forum. 
For that I also need you guys help!
Thank you very much for reading and I hope we can work very well together as a community.
After all this little speech, its time to talk some basic things about myself;

My name is Adamo, Im a student, with big dreams about the future.
I know grapich design, programming, and a lots of other stuff.
I like to really work along with nice communities, and Im  still finding one where I can truthly be someone and dedicate myself to it.
I hope my searching end here soon.
If you have any questions, feel free to write me; I'll always try to be active 0/24 on the forums, So I can make the most out of my time, and also be active in order to acomplishe my dream, to get invited soon.
Thank you for you patience and reading.
I may wish you a happy nice day. :) 

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16 minutes ago, zLenniee said:

Welcome to Chods, nice reviews. We all appreciate the good feedback.

Thank you very much :) Im really glad to be here! Im having a really great time so far, all my appreciation. Im really looking forward to be able to write longer, much better revies on all cheats including like h1z1, pubg and more! Thank you again, and have a nice day :) 
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