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Chod's has better customer service than Amazon


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It is insane the quality of customer service offered here at chod's, a website which sells cheats. I have been a member since last November and in that time span I have seen nothing but goodwill from this company's devoted staff and developers. Chod's willingness to put the safety of customers over profit is something so refreshing to see these days, a company which you can actually feel cares for their customers. I don't want this post to sound too much like an advertisement but more-so a message to the Chod's staff and developers that we DO see and are greatful for the passion you put into this, and for every person who comes to this site to tear you down there are are 100 more who support your work. Take your time on the updates guys, Heres to your continued success in this industry ?.


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I haven't had a cheat subscription from Chod's in a very long time, but in the past the one thing that has stood out the most is the customer service here. My experience with cheat providers suggests that all of them are incredibly inpatient and full of malice. Chod's cheats certainly subverts my expectations. Out of all of the cheat providers I've dealt with, this is one of the very few that won't ban you on the spot.


I bought a valorant cheat from a no name provider when the game was in beta and it was barely functional. When I brought that up to the admins they called me a retard, a couple racial slurs, banned me from their discord, and sold my information to scam rings. All that after I spent $100 on an invite and $75 on a month long subscription for their cheat.


My experiences with the support team here at Chod's Cheats have been drastically different from that.


I have 9 different support tickets in the past, and every single one of them was a positive interaction. At one point in time before Escape From Tarkov had Battleye, I got an account banned and still had time left in my subscription. I went to support and asked them to pause my subscription, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they did. I genuinely don't know another provider that would do something like this. Also, when the cheat was still available there was a point in time where the devs were battling with some issues in the cheat. Throughout that time I had my subscription extended tons of times to compensate for the downtime. All of the staff members seem genuinely professional too.


I completely agree with you. Chod's Cheats has way better customer service than Amazon. 

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