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  1. Hmm... I got £82 and a bowl of mom's spaghetti. Pretty good deal I'd say. 🤤
  2. LOL entertaining footage! GG, @Alexender appreciate you being apart of the community!
  3. I see @f4k3r a man of Korean LoL culture! 😁
  4. dabomb123

    aim bot

    @JohnWhite @WTFCharlie I agree somewhat as you can tell from my older posts in this thread, and that is why my solution is that aimbot for Hunt should be a VIP only feature to avoid ragers who would rage with aimbot consistently and constantly. Chod's Cheats have been mostly undetected, and most people get "detected" due to personal play and not the cheese being found out, so VIP only would solve most of that problem. Less ragers or to put it nicely, ignorantly careless cheesers, which would mean less attention being drawn.
  5. Well friend you've come to the right place! As I always say, it's nice to see a new face within the community! Thanks for choosing Chod's Cheats! The Hunt: Showdown cheese is very solid for the price, and with aimbot coming in the future but NO ETA. Also friendly notice, make sure to have a portable USB ready in order to use the cheese here, as recently some newer members bought cheese without reading requirements thoroughly. Hope you enjoy your stay, and thanks again for choosing CC as your cheese provider! 😁
  6. dabomb123

    Squad Review

    Beautiful review, absolute stunning. 23 out of 22 movie tickets, would buy and watch again!
  7. Thanks for choosing Chod's Cheats! Hopefully this has been resolved, if not do as my boy @ArmorAll said and fill out a support ticket here: https://chods-cheats.com/support/
  8. Yeah be more careful, friendo. Hope that all gets sorted out and you get a USB to try out Chod's Cheats! It's very top notch, and safe. 😀
  9. dabomb123


    Hopefully this has been resolved. 😃
  10. HWID could always make a come back! Thanks for choosing Chod's Cheats and welcome to the community!
  11. dabomb123

    Squad Cheat

    If your FOV CIRCLE was in the corner, probably just had to be updated, and it's already been updated I assume as it's up and running.
  12. Probably at its best right now, just becareful not to get Hwid banned.
  13. Yes sir! Might be making a come back though!
  14. lol I don't try and justify cheating to myself. I just accept it, I'm a cheater. I enjoy it!
  15. Could always make a come back! 😃