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  1. LAST on this list, but #1 in my heart forever baby. The Faceless GOD. ?
  2. Agree and same, lol DBD has been down and I got booted from discord until my DBD time is compensated. ?
  3. If it makes you so sad, get out of retirement and help @Don Coderleone code shit. Don going to age like 40 years after all these cheese are restored, and at this rate Don needs a raise, or a fat bonus. Also where is the raise for @Xpi? Hands down #1 staff member. Friendly, professional, helpful and very intelligent and always ready to give a concise and helpful answer to any technical problem. Followed by @WannaBeCarry, close 2nd.
  4. Damn no mention of the long time supporters and active community members who aren't on free cheese/payroll lol rip @ArmorAll rip @The One Guy rip many others. ☠️ @Xpigetting a pay raise yet? ?
  5. Maybe in China you cant find another provider but I'm from the West, and I've found a few if you're curious.
  6. Usually they be back up by now, but I Hope it's back soon, I don't really want to be searching for another Hunt provider because I want to play during event and holiday Christmas. ?
  7. ooooooh okay, that's why I couldn't find that post anymore lol.
  8. Can't remember who was selling those accounts? I'm interested in buying for cheap. 1 month is fine, more months are okay too.
  9. Also if you're subscription rolls and you automatically get kicked from discord too, so keep your sub updated!
  10. DBD spaghetti code dev team, so Don is having a field day when it comes to new features.
  11. English please as stated by rules.
  12. No ETA. Never will be. Cheese will be back sooner than you expect. Thanks for choosing Chod's Cheats.
  13. As Wangxiaoxin said, box will collapse and get smaller on kills. Thanks for choosing Chod's Cheats.
  14. Hey, thanks for choosing Chod's Cheats! Always nice to see new members! The question has been asked 100 times by now, and the answer Unfortunately remains the same: no plans for such a feature in the future. I recommend buying it from Admin Faceless for a minor discount at https://www.digitalinsanity.gg/store/ tell him DaBomb123 sent ya. ?