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  1. Es wird ein Comeback sein
  2. hello, i have experience with Huntshowdown and HWID bans. Unfortunately, the problem with me is, that I bought a new PC to be on the safe side... If you get banned from HWID, you won't find out until about 24-48 hours later. (delay bans) I got banned from 4 accounts. I also assume that they are banning your IP address too. VPN is definitely necessary! I didn't use one, which resulted my second computer being banned too. I hope you can understand my english, it's not the best.
  3. I have the same Problem but i think chods is working very god and professionell.
  4. Thats very nice. I got the massage that i musst send you an Document where u can see that iam the right Person. Is that normally? Its no Problem for me, but the first time with the documents on a provider. I want to buy the Huntshowdown hack fast, pls answer me. Thank You for helping me Faceless! Greeze Kim
  5. GUten Tag, Hello, i want to buy the cheat fpr Huntshowdown. Idk what i musst do. Can u pls help me? I can pay only with Kreditcard. If i get help, i want to buy the cheat now. Thank u guys and Sorry for my Bad english! I hope u understand me 😃
  6. Thats nice! I want to buy if its ready