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  1. Dude, I would recommend one thing - buy 2 ssd, raid them. If you get HWID Banned, just kill the raid and create new one. You have about 4 options to get different ID every time
  2. Couple of points to explain why you should not feel the way you do: 1) EFT is down basicaly for a year, since shotly before BE implementation (August 2019), there has been 2 attempts to revive it, but both resulted in quick banwaves 2) Price was changed up, because previous price was laughable, I mean come on 20USD for Month of Tarkov cheat? Cheapest provider that is not a scam is 79 for a week now. 3) They claim that they are working on secure cheat for Tarkov, since there are no updates we have to trust them. But from past experience I would recomment sticking around. 4)
  3. People are mostly complaining because there are still cheaters out there. You can see daily some speed-running mosling or opened doors somewhere, where it should not be possible -_- But I agree with waiting. I never had provider on level as Chod is, I am sad that I have to purchase PUBG and CSGO elsewhere, but I wont do it for Tarkov, while there is still hope :)
  4. Well, it has been down basically since last August. Then it was about twice up for about a day, once somwehere around xmass and then March. But it was quickly detected. Therefore team decided to keep it down untill its actually safe. Be patient.
  5. Chod says he is working on it. I would not give up, but definitely would focus on playing legit. Because if you become active right after cheese is out, its dead giveaway...
  6. Well, cheats obviously work even now. Was just on customs and found bottom doors on 2 story (wall side) open :D So somebody is out there providing. We will see banvawe soon.
  7. Already bought it, but lets be part of giveaway. I think I deserve one, sice I was the one coming up with the suggestion :D (just kidding)
  8. Thats quite simple. Paypal is fighting against cheating in games by blocking cheating sites to use them
  9. Thanks Face. I know that there is tons of cheat request, but I havent seen any Anti-Cheat so far so this one might be easy. Hope you guys hold up during the COVID fuck-up. GL
  10. Hey Guys, any chance to take a look how Deadside would be difficult? New Tarkov / DAYZ game? Since tarkov cheat is difficult to get up, can we get maybe this? Thanks
  11. Well, I would wait until the cheat is UP before talking about price vs value :)
  12. I was available few days back. Unfortunately people got banned and it got disabled. Just wait man. Its better to wait than to play 30 min and get hammered
  13. I would not worry about this. They say they will not wipe skills only after release. SO its about in 2045...
  14. Yeah, but ID verification is quite a bullshit. 1) you still wont know if that person is a spy or not 2) photoshop is powerfull bro, I could name myself Usama bin Laden and you would most likely not recognize its fake 3) you never know who has access to that, I would be up for it, in case I could blur my actual ID and leave name, face and shit like that 4) the whole point of chods and their low prices is that its not private. Imagine you go from (ALERT: WILD CALCULATIONS WITH NO BACKGROUND COMING) 1000 users who pay to 250 users only. So if ppl complain about price now, what