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  1. title says it all. i am looking for a service to boost a steam group. i trusted zoner (boo...-ser.... .com) but hes gone and offline. maybe someone knows someone :)
  2. do you play save Rolex?
  3. i used chods for eft for a while (now just waiting for the update) and i highly recommend it. i dont play eft that much, but when i play, i rage a lot and got no problems. but i dont do that for hours, just to fuck off some people sometimes (don´t judge me ^^ ) - and at least i don´t fear a ban cause all my mates stopped playing eft. hf and welcome.
  4. Scum and BF5 are nice. I like the low price of scum to cheat;)
  5. I have read in another post of you that you have written "i talk to a wall" and i thought so :D