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Reportbot Access on our private Website


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On 13.2.2017 at 2:01 PM, xavier said:

You don't need the matchlink to report player ?

No matchid is needed.
9 hours ago, CireG said:

Reporting a user using these types of sites does not mean it is a guarantee game ban of that account. 

Absolutly true. - Only ragehacker/Spinbotter will get Overwatchban and legit hacker wont geht caught!
Cheers! Edited by J0gger
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4 hours ago, xavier said:

When reporting on profile it will count towards next game.

if player plays w/o hack he goes free and report is wasted.

Dont reply if you dont know how reports work. Thanks!

We average ban 40 ppl in a month - we know what we are doing.
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