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  1. Still it is like i say if you don't report thru matchlink !!
  2. When reporting on profile it will count towards next game. if player plays w/o hack he goes free and report is wasted.
  3. This is not approved yet. Anyone who buys this , does it at his own risk.
  4. You don't need the matchlink to report player ?
  5. You won't regret your choice one second.
  6. maybe a week or two ...... or longer. Hard to say since we don't know either.
  7. xavier


    paypal or bitcoin. PSC has denied our application twice.
  8. you need to pm the invoiceurl and what game to Emiiru
  9. Anyway. that was an estimate. No ETA can be given for obvious reasons. It has to be finished be4 it can be released.
  10. esp_onoff is a defined function. For it to work properly you need something like this as well. function esp_onoff { if $esp.active == 1 hudmsg ESP ^gon; if $esp.active == 0 hudmsg ESP ^roff } or simply remove--> ; esp_onoff
  11. send it to Emiiru thru PM But it looks like ur activated.
  12. You need to pm Emiiru the invoiceurl to get activated
  13. On behalf of Chod's Cheats we Welcome you back.
  14. xavier

    Accepting PSC?

    We have applied for paysafecard twice and been turned down both times so there's not much we can do about it. Maybe you have a friend that can buy for you ?
  15. https://forum.chods-cheats.com/payments.php you buy with either paypal or bitpay.
  16. I have a guy testing my config on FaceIt , no ban-report yet but as Emiiru stated -> We do not officially support FaceIT !
  17. i Told you in shoutbox that you shouldn't use on FaceIt.......i also said it's your own risk. Please don't come whining after that.
  18. xavier


    Please try the feature called , "start your own thread"
  19. make sure you close steam completely be4 starting it as admin by rightclicking steamicon and chose run as administrator. This is a user error so it all is at the users end
  20. both steam and client must be run as admin. right click client and chose "run as administrator"