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[Good Bye] Undead 10/10/15


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Today I came to the realization that I no longer need chod's cheats to help me play cs go. after many years of cheating on cs go, and always tellingis is just to keep it fair (due to the fact MM is infested with cheaters). After today I test my abilities to play without the esp at LEM-GE level (queued with some GE/Supreme friends) and was able to hold my own against the best cs go ranks in the game, after playing some game by myself I still was able to carry my team with dropping a 30 kill bomb as well. So I ask myself is it really worth risking all I have invested into this game and steam? Have about 200.00-250.00 in skins and invested about 30-40.00 on my steam profile (account lvl/badges/etc.). I have removed everything that had to relate to chod's cheat from my computer and will now be playing legit from here on out, and will be playing Esea soon.

would like to say This site is truly awesome, the staff team are as well! I wish you all the best of luck and after today this will be last you see of me.

sincerely, undead <3

Thanks for the kind words, even though you returned within 24 hours of this post

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Out of curiosity what made you nope the fak out and come back?

[Today 01:11 PM] Undead: im back to the dark side

[Today 01:12 PM] Undead: MM is cancer @ LE+ level without chod's help ;3

[Today 01:13 PM] Emiiru: that was fast

[Today 01:21 PM] Undead: Yea dude forgot how bad mm wss without them

[Today 01:22 PM] Undead: So putting all my ttust with chod keep me safe from vac

[Today 01:23 PM] Undead: Played about 14 legit games and each one had the typical smurf that always plays like a god lol

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Out of curiosity what made you nope the fak out and come back?

well, Like I mention up above I felt that I had the necessary skill to play without the esp (which I do). The fact once you are LE+, about every game in MM there is bound to be at least that one cheater in the game. I figure I will remain dedicated to Esea as a legit player, and when I do play MM I can use basic esp to even the playing field. I play just fine against on players on the client, but as soon I go to MM I get destroyed by new accounts stating they are "smurfs" and basically using every excuse in the book why they're "legit". Also I got a whole month of subscription I need to use, since you guys don't refund ;)

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