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i bought it with bitcoin and it said you know that everything went alright, that the payment was made, (and i know my money went somewhere because because all that money is out of my btc wallet). Also i received two messages thanking me for subscribing and all that. What is happening?

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wow 3 days... that's kind of a lot

i little warning when paying would've been nice

I believe xavier has misunderstood the BTC system.

The BTC system is manual activation, you need to PM me with the invoice URL you got on your email and what subscription.

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You should have received an invoice URL when you purchased via BTC. You need to PM that invoice URL to Emiiru.

Edit: wow I'm so bad. Didn't even see there was already a second page with a post.

When I opened up unread replies I also didn't see there was a second page until I 2 mins later opened unread replies again and saw a second page.

me neither and well... already did some hours ago, how much longer will it take for Emiiru to give me that VIP status?

Check your PM's.

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