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  1. The font just keeps getting bigger and bigger
  2. kdr723

    I am?

    Sorry, I'm going to have to deny the application for an invite.
  3. EWWWWW kdr first time in forever in the forums? Disgusting. First and last, see ya nerd
  4. CSGO only game that will ever matter, until the next CS comes out at least PUBG is fun as well H1Z1 is objectively a nightmare to play but its still battle royale and its not fortnite so meh
  5. I'm looking for a CSGO account that's level 21 or prime. I have a csgo-banned account with GTA V on it and $5+ in steam wallet that I'm willing to trade for it. Please PM me or post here. thanks!
  6. You are asking this on Chods forums, where we have a rule not to discuss other providers. I'm going to go ahead and close this. If anyone wants to PM the user feel free, but of course we won't allow this type of discussion. @weedman420 feel free to view our reviews section. We do not filter any posts there (as long as they stick within the site-wide rules, of course) so that can be a good source of honest opinions of our cheat.
  7. But these games almost do not update Even so, the time it would take to create a working cheat that is up to our standard in terms of stability and features would not be worth it due to lack of interest. This decision is being based off of the sales numbers from when we did offer such cheats.
  8. There simply isn't enough interest in these games to justify the time it would take to create and maintain the cheats.
  10. We likely will not bring this cheat back due to the lack of interest. IIRC we never coded a cheat for the game when we switched over to the new framework. It's against the rules to discuss other providers, so if anyone wants to recommend a cheat to you they should do it via PM
  11. kdr723

    cant buy

    Did you click the link Emiiru provided? https://chods-cheats.com/clients/purchases/
  12. Can you please provide us more details about the password bug? I tested it on this and a test account and was required to have a "Strong" password when changing it.
  13. Duly noted, thanks for bringing this to our attention!
  14. kdr723

    Thank You!

    Wow I only have 19, you must be some sort of star. Congrats on being famous!
  15. kdr723


    Welcome to Chod's! We look forward to having you.
  16. kdr723


    If there's a big enough market where we feel it justifies the time and money to effectively bypass their anti-cheat then we'll look into. But seeing as this is this the first Im even hearing of this league (even though Im no coder), I wouldn't hold your breath.
  17. kdr723


    If it's actually EAC it'll work, but if it's a clone that they've modified themselves there's not way for us to tell if our cheat will bypass it or not without reversing engineering the anti-cheat
  18. Near the bottom right of any post there is a "Like this" button. A user hitting this button results in +1 rep to the user who made the post.
  19. ESEA's client will detect the cheat being injected, not the cheat's features. You could inject and have every single feature turned off, but ESEA will still catch and ban you.
  20. I always recommend to people that you read the CS:GO cheat guide so you know what each feature does, and then go into a local server with some bots. Start with a clean config and enable what you want. From there, just mess around with different settings that you feel comfortable with. Then, go into a causal server (or a pub server, whatever you can find closes to a competitive server settings without being in matchmaking). This way, you can give the settings a trial run with the config you've built. You can start tuning settings as you see fit. This way when you are comfortable with everything, you have a config that is tailored to your play style (as you are the one who created). With a config that you made for your play style, you can more easily tell what you normally would have done in a situation vs what you actually did because of the cheat's assistance. The more you are able to close that gap, the less likely anyone will call you out. If you want to get super serious you can even watch a demo of yourself playing without cheats and a demo of you playing with one (on the same map), so you can see how you handle different situations with and without the cheat. This is obviously the most time consuming, but it can be much harder to point and say "I wouldn't have done that without cheats." While this does take quite a bit of time vs loading up someone else's config, I think it's the best way to ensure you stay looking legit. Although I can understand how you may want to just hop in and start gaming, so if that's the case just check out some popular configs as 7amadbk suggested.
  21. Welcome! I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay here :)
  22. No worries! Just trying to inform is all
  23. No need to bump so soon. Emiiru will look into it when he sees your response if he isn't looking into already.
  24. Can you provide some sort of proof you have an agreement with the original seller? We'd rather it posted here.