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Scum review, frequent use


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Firstly, for the price, this does exactly what you want it to do and hasn't impacted my ability to play besides the very rare crash, but scum itself is a very unstable game so it can be forgiven.




Works great, players are outlined well and easy to spot, the skeleton feature is very useful for knowing which way someone is facing and it goes up to 1000m so nobody is sneaking up on you.


You can toggle which items you want to see, very useful for chests and traps when attempting a raid, or for finding vehicles. 




Works as it should, for close combat and stationary targets, you'll hit your shots when needed, the only lackluster feature is the "Prediction" which tries to anticipate your aim for moving targets, but doesn't feel very reliable. You can also disable sway which makes sniping a breeze.




There are a couple features you should really avoid if you're playing on popular servers, such as infinite ammo, as many servers will auto detect if you've fired more bullets than possible and ban you for it, same goes for the speed hack. However, the menu does tell you which options are risky so use at your own peril.


Overall, this is a great menu for the ESP and aimbot alone, I've yet to be banned on the most popular servers.

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