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On 16/12/2021 at 12:27, Feary said:



It is time for another giveaway, but with a spin on it this time.

As a special giveaway this time we will also bundle physical merchandise (water bottle)* with a free month of your non-vip game of choice.**


5 winners will be selected.


We appreciate all of you who are sticking around and enjoying our products.


Lets get to the rules!

  1. Only accounts created before today are allowed to participate in the giveaway.
  2. Only one entry per user, applying with alt accounts will result in removal from giveaway.
  3. You will have 12 hours to contact me either on the website or discord to claim your price.


How to participate:

  • React to this post with anything.
  • Leave a reply in the topic, this could be any custom message.

Once these steps are fulfilled you will be eligible to the drawing.


The giveaway will run from 17.12 to 24.12 12:00 CET


*You have the choice to decline the physical gift if you don't want it. If you want it please make sure your address is correct, shipping time might be longer than usual as its end of the year.

** Please check cheat status before choosing your game. Only non-vip cheats are eligible to choose.


Once again i would like to thank everyone who actively engage in this community and been our customer.

We are wishing everyone a pleasant and happy holidays in these hard and dark times!


Chod Cheats Staff.

i9-9900k @ 5ghz | Asus XI Formula | 32gb G.Skill RGB @ 3200 | MSI RTX 2080TI GAMING X TRIO | Corsair H150i PRO | LG 27GL850-B



Love you mum

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